I am passionate about computation as a tool for research, creative expression and the betterment of society.


Software engineer, artist and design researcher
• Senior software engineer at Microsoft
• IBM Watson Health developer and user-interface lead
• IBM Watson Labs 3D developer, front-end prototyper, and lab evangelist
• Researcher at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) Visualization Lab
• Lead digital arts and humanities efforts at TACC
• 15 years of experience developing computer software
• 14 years experience leading the Austin Museum of Digital Art
• Advanced education in computer science, architectural theory, and design research

• Microsoft, Senior Software Engineer, 2021-
• IBM Watson Health, Austin, Texas, Advisory Software Engineer and User Interface Lead, 2016-2020
• IBM Watson Labs, Austin, Texas, Software Engineer and Lab Evangelist, June 2014-2015
Texas Advanced Computing Center, Austin, Texas, Digital Media, Arts and Humanities Program Coordinator, 2010-2014
Austin Museum of Digital Art, Austin, Texas, Co-Founder and Volunteer Board President, 1998-2014
Turknett Leadership Group, Atlanta, Georgia, Consultant, 1998-2011
Thinkwell, Austin, Texas, Software Developer, 2005-2009
• AutomationiQ, Austin, Texas, Contract Software Developer, 2004-2005
• Sun Microsystems, Inc., Austin, Texas, Software Developer, 1999-2003
• Acuity (formerly iChat), Austin, Texas, Software Developer, 1999
• Bellsouth Telecommunications, Atlanta, Georgia, Manager of Strategic Development, 1995

Technical Experience:
• 3+ years: Processing (including OpenGL/P3D renderer), Java, Actionscript, Javascript, HTTP, AJAX,
REST, XML, JSON, CSS, HTML, TCP/UDP Sockets, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, CVS, Mac OSX, Windows, Linux
• 1+ year(s): Django/Python, ExtJS, Git, C#, Unity 3D

Selected Publications:
• Turknett, R., Westing, B., Moore, S. 1000 Words: Advanced Visualization for the Humanties. XSEDE 2013
Proceedings of the Conference on Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment: Gateway to
Discovery, 2013, New York, New York.
• Westing, B., Turknett, R. Extending the Processing Programming Environment to Tiled Displays. IEEE Visualization,
2012, Seattle, Washington.
• Westing, B., Nieto, H., Turknett, R., Gaither, K. MostPixelsEverCE: A Tool for Rapid Development with Distributed
Displays. CHI 2013 Extended Abstracts, April 27–May 2, 2013, Paris, France.
• “An Artificial Society of Token Traders: Computer Simulation of Life, Happiness, and Complexity in Trade,” M.S.
thesis, University of Texas at Austin, 1998. Available at
• “Artificial Evolution for Computer Music,” National Conference on Undergraduate Research, 1994.